What is RINCON?

RINCON is a feeling, it is the passion for the story – the adventure. It is the realm of fantasy where everything is possible, it is the feeling of freedom, a blank canvas. It is solidarity, teamwork, friendship and the feeling of belonging.
RINCON is the first fully TTRPG focused convention in the Netherlands and it is carried by a loving community.

RINCON started as a wish, a thought: ‘Why isn’t there a TTRPG convention in the Netherlands?’ From there fellow adventurers were found, alliances were made, knowledge that wanted to be shared was discovered and merchants far and wide came to show their wares.

RINCON is organised by Annemarie de Leeuw, who gets a lot of help from Sarah von der Haar, Mieke Boogaart, and a small team of volunteers. Together we will bring our passion for TTRPGs to life at an epic one day only convention filled with workshops, speakers, live games, vendors and artists.

Will you be there?